Stellar Evolution - The fate of massive stars

Project Management, Paper Architecture, Brand Identity
Stellar Evolution is an outreach programme aimed at getting young people, from a variety of backgrounds, interested in planetary sciences and astronomy as a future career. Designed to inform younger generations about planetary science, our outreach program is an educational immersive experience aimed at children aged 8-11.

Our outreach kit consists of educational material about the life cycle of massive stars. Elements in the outreach kit are designed to help participants engage fully with the topic, as they are taken through the stages of stellar evolution during the experience.

I worked as a project lead and created the brand identity system. 

Leaflet and Stars Illustration: Celeste Tam

This project requires us to create a paper engineered model. I created the paper wormhole model to show the sphagettification of the black hole. This model animates as it can be untwisted to show the foiled inner linings that represents the light streaks. To make this paper model interact with the rest of the pack, we added a red gel insert that can be put in one end of the model to work with the word search on leaflet -> showing the answers when viewed through.

Behind the scenes: