Reality Dream

Motion Graphics
“Reality Dream” is a looping motion video for promoting a Butoh dance event. Drawing on the worlds of the unconscious, dreams and the irrational, butoh leaves space for the audience to bring their own thoughts and dreams to the work, offering a rich, metaphorical world to taste and to enter.  

The story of this promo video lies in the state of dreaming - asking whether we are in the simulation or the real world, our reality or someone else’s, uncertainties and hopes.

“Is this the reality?
Or is this just a dream? Am I dreaming?
Maybe this is a dream. Maybe not.
Is everything a simulation?
Or are we in someone’s dream?

Reality and dream exist in parallel. Sometimes, life feels like a simulation, as if our bodies were controlled and souls being hypnotized. Everyday. Morning to night. 24/7.

We loop, and loop and loop until we see the end. Is this the reality you want?
Is the life worth living for?

Look yourself through the eye. Detach yourself in the world of Butoh, find yourself and find your peace. Ask the questions again.”

Still frames