Poisonous Blossom 

Posionous Blossom is a poster series taking a contextual look at the South Korean hairpin, Hwajeop Dwikkoji.

Taking the shape of the hairpin, I’ve created a set of alphabets which are used in the posters. Each poster focuses on different medium; 3D, RISO, Editorial and Typography.


The first poster explores contextual purpose from the ornamental hairpin. The second one is an infographic poster while adding 3D typography. The third one explores typography and editorial. I created a typeface from the basic shape of the hairpin to use in the posters as well.

Since the posters are designed in two colours, I tested with RISO printing.

Taking from the first poster, I made a 3D printed demo. It is a two part ornament that acts as a decor piece as well as a weapon to protect oneself.