London isn't England; Yangon isn't Myanmar


“London isn’t England; Yangon isn’t Myanmar” is Min Sett Hein’s first-ever street photo exhibition, held from 17th - 19th November at @strange.parade. Min showed  selected photos from Yangon and London, the two cities that melded his identity.

I created the key visual (exhibition poster) for this exhibition and the zine for the exhibition. The zine tells a story starting from his home, his neighbourhood, the cityscape, the market, and people of the city.

The key visual portrays the spray painted maps of Yangon and London, the two cities of Min, combined with the fingerprint, together acting as his DNA or identity. The typography for London and Yangon is customized with the Burmese alphabets to work as English. See the process

I also worked with Aung Thant Kyaw on the motion poster for promoting the show, where Aung created the motion graphic video with my 3D elements taken from the KV.