Design Smarter;
Not Harder

Motion Graphics

Design Smarter Not Harder is a research-based visual project with a purpose of persuading people to use more AI and reassuring that AI cannot take over certain jobs or even the world as many people feared.

This is a group project from my Graphic Design Y1 class exploring AI in Design. I created key visual and motion poster for this project.

Our research is based on the design students and general audience of 18-24 who have a certain understanding of generative AI. With the rise of gen AI, some people are scared of how AI could take over creative jobs, but most of the people use AI in their daily life. Since this project brief is to prove our stand on AI, we are encouraging people to use AI in their workflow, thus design smarter, not harder.

In the key visual, the 1s and 0s you see in the background is a story generated with ChatGPT about how in 2050+, AI would take over the world and rule. I then turnt the story paragraph into binary digits to represent the base of AI. And the base for the robot hand with the atom illustration is created with DALL-E.