Celestial Petals

Augmented Reality, 3D
❀ Celestial Petals: Quest for the Everlasting Bloom ❀  is an immersive AR game where you will act as a time-traveling scientist from 2888 from the land of URA-PRA (pronounced Uurah-Purahh), you'll race to preserve London's cherry blossoms .𖥔 ݁ ˖𑁍 ⋆ ⋆。°✩

I created a game pack that consists of 5 AR filters on a mission to find and collect cherry blossoms in London. I created a physical game outbox to include all the instructions, storyline, access cards and the nfc chips to access the filters (it’ll bring you to my Instagram filters). It’s a challenging and fun project and had fun with Meta Spark! Play with my filters and tag me on Instagram @zin_world

This map shows 14 places where you can see the cherry blossoms. I put the way markers on the map randomly as the player can go to any place on the list first and they can use whichever filter first to get into the game.

Filter 1: Celestial Mission

This is a face scanner to check the identity of the user and welcome with the narration from the personal assistant back from the future The user will be greeted as the “Captain” with the blue chrome visor influenced by cyber-sigilism style.

Filter 2: Celestial Petals

Once the user scans the image, it will bring them to the cherry blossom field with the petals falling from above and the user has the option to wear or take off the makeup by tapping the screen. The video will also be pink tinted to make it seem like the user is surrounded with cherry blossom trees.

Filter 3:  Sakura Garden